------------------------ Make a Difference ------------------------

vol2Volunteer opportunities with the Coalition are as varied as the volunteers themselves and include public speaking, materials distribution, resource procurement, fund raising, clerical support, and the provision of various onsite services at the different centers. Training is available for those volunteers who wish to provide direct services to victims and their families.  CALL 843-669-4694

Pee Dee Coalition volunteers make a direct impact in the lives of victims. All volunteers have an important role no matter what program they choose to work with. The Coalition has a place for you as a volunteer.

Whether it is holding someone’s hand at the hospital or organizing a pantry at the shelter, the Pee Dee Coalition has many different programs that cover a variety of interests. Volunteers can be:

  • Students
  • Stay-At-Home Parents
  • Church Groups
  • Professionals
  • Retired Individuals
  • Civic Groups
  • Corporate Groups
  • Concerned Citizens
  • You!

You can make a difference!

vol3There are many reasons to volunteer with Pee Dee Coalition – because you are concerned about domestic violence and sexual assault and child abuse, because you want to meet and work with people who share your vision, or because you have a talent you can share to help make a difference for people in need in your community.

The Pee Dee Coalition relies on the hard work and dedication of our community volunteers each month who support our staff and clients in essential ways. Whether you want to work in direct client services or as behind the scenes support, we have a need and place for you. We provide FREE training that provides new volunteers and supporters extensive information the Pee Dee Coalition and our services. The training includes dynamics of domestic violence, the history of the battered women’s movement, the effects of violence on children, stalking, and sexual assault. Volunteer’s jobs are arranged by direct, indirect and group volunteer needs. If you would like more information about any of these jobs, please CALL 843-669-4694. Our Volunteer Opportunities Include the following:

Direct Service Job Descriptions – These positions will have direct contact with victims and their families.

  • Legal Advocate
  • Domestic Violence Victim Advocate
  • Support Group Facilitator
  • DCC Child Victim Advocate
  • Crisis Line Worker
  • Bilingual Victim Advocate
  • Victim Advocate – Hospital Response Team
  • Sexual Assault Victim Advocate
  • Shelter Advocate

Indirect Service Job Descriptions – These positions will have limited to no contact with victims and their families.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Communication Teams
  • Research Assistants
  • Human Resource Recruit
  • Receptionist
  • Community Education
  • Group/Team Volunteer Job Descriptions
  • Fundraising Team
  • Holiday Events
  • Special Events
  • Cleaning and Painting Team

Apply for an Internship

vol4Earn class credits while helping your community! The Coalition works with a variety of majors such as Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, English, Business, Office Management, and Mass Communication to name a few. Interns can staff the crisis line, work with the children we serve, and facilitate support groups. Along with benefiting the community and your college career, volunteer and intern experience is a great addition to any resume. Click on this link for the Intern Application