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Healing Species

hslogoSchools and students benefit from program outcomes, as featured in a formal evaluation by Healing Species, and encompass a number of components of other notable model best practices from both educational, therapeutic and justice system arenas.

The Healing Species program in and of itself is considered a best practice and model program.

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Healing Species has been formally evaluated through an outside, validated and normalized evaluation process using more than three measures.

The findings were published in the January 2008 Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice Journal.

Pre and post-tests were conducted while students went through the program, their grades and discipline referrals to the principal’s office or guidance counselor’s office were tracked, and their teachers completed questionnaires on the overall attitude and behavior of each student before and after the Healing Species program. The following highlights the program remarkable results: Out of school suspensions decreased by 55%

General aggression, retaliation aggression, and total aggression combined decreased by 62%

Choice-making using empathy increased by 42%

Teachers and counselors reported an 80-100% improvement in the student’s attitude, ability to walk away from a fight, respond appropriately to a bully, and show leadership through compassion, empathy and responsibility

Standardized PASS Scores increased among all margins

It is important to note that all these results occurred when no other intervention program was being implemented in the school. Similar results are expected whenever the Healing Species program is implemented.