------------------------ R.O.A.R. ------------------------

Reducing Our Assault Risk (R.O.A.R.)

roarlogoThe ROAR Program is a prevention based community centered program that provides education on the topics of:

  • Dating Violence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual Assault/Harassment.

ROAR presentations are provided to middle and high school students, college students, faith-based organizations, civic organizations and we also offer trainings for school staff, parents, and law-enforcement.

ROAR sessions are fun and interactive and parents are encouraged to participate in these sessions.  The ROAR program has collaborated with nationally known programs and have received two statewide awards from the South Carolina JAG program. ROAR has also had two of its participants take part in the MTV “TEENS SPEAK OUT AGAINST DATING VIOLENCE” campaign. The ROAR program is committed to changing behavioral norms against sexual violence.