Financial Gifts

“My mom and I could not have made it without you. This is the best love. Please keep this place going.” — a teenage girl.

Each Gift is a Gift of Help, Hope, and Healing

Gifts to the Pee Dee Coalition make it possible for abused adults and children to get the help they need to begin a new journey. hope

One that starts with help, getting to a safe place and trusting our caring expert staff and volunteers. Help leads to hope.  Hope for a future where life will be changed, and they can trust again. On their passage, the next big step is the healing phase. The healing process – and it is a process – reveals a path that leads to empowering victims to start living an oppression-free life. Living in the freedom zone, inspires and empowers them to set their goals and to give top priority to achieving them. This transformation allows survivors, of all ages and backgrounds, to ultimately obtain and sustain a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

  • class-room prevention education for students
  • self-defense classes for women and children
  • radKids
  • therapy for rape victims
  • treatment for sexually and physically abused children
  • special programs where we seek to understand and help meet victims needs
  • helping get back to the community and society at large

If you have never made a gift to support our programs and services, we invite you to do so now. We want to welcome you to our caring family and to join us on our continual journey to make life better within our diverse communities across the Pee Dee Region and beyond.

GiveToGrowText-300x148Gifts that support our programs and services are top priority but endowment gifts also are vital to our organization’s sustainability. Capital gifts, which support our facilities and infrastructure, are valued and needed investments as well. Moreover, wills and estate gift plans provide financial support for the Coalition’s future and a legacy gift opportunity for you and your family.

To indicate that your gift is an honorarium or memorial, or to designate that your donation is for a specific campaign, program or county, please use the payment form’s honorarium/memorials instructions field.

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If you have any questions or need to share additional information about your gift, please contact Barb Steadman,

We are sincerely grateful to you, our mission partners.

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If you need immediate help,

CALL 9-1-1

24-HOUR CRISIS LINE  1.800.273.1820

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