Prevent Child Abuse

pinwheelMission Statement:

Prevent Child Abuse Pee Dee is a program dedicated to reducing and preventing child abuse and neglect within the Pee Dee Region. The process of reducing and preventing child abuse in our families and communities must begin with education.

School-Based Programs:

The Pee Dee Coalition focuses on prevention for both younger and older students.

Prevention for Younger Students:

The radKIDS program, a personal body safety curriculum developed by the Committee of Children, is implemented at the primary and elementary school levels. Through activities, children in prekindergarten through sixth grade are empowered to say “NO!” to unwanted touches by learning personal defense mechanisms useful in dangerous situations. They also learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching. All information is presented in a fun manner, and emphasizes placing the blame for unwanted touches on the perpetrator and not the child.

Community Based Programs:

There are several community based programs within South Carolina and the Pee Dee Region. These include Parent Education/Parent Support (PEPS), Parents Anonymous, Parent Institute, and Keeping Pee Dee Kids Safe at Home. All of these programs strive to decrease child maltreatment by teaching parents the necessary skills they need in order to protect their child. Parent Education/Parent Support (PEPS) PEPS is a free, 12-week program for parents of children ranging from birth through twelve years of age. Parents meet for two hours, one night per week, for 12 weeks. Topics of education include self care, understanding your own wants and needs, positive discipline techniques, anger and stress management, as well as other related topics. Free child care and activities are provided. Each participant receive a certification of completing a minimum of ten weeks. Click on the link below for a list of the PEPS groups we offer:

Durant PEPS Groups:

Parents Anonymous – is a mutual assistance program in which parents not only recognize and take responsibility for their own problems and solutions through the help they receive, but they also have to help other parents. Community based support groups offer parents the skills and encouragement they need to build strong, safe families. Prevent Child Abuse Pee Dee serves as the local chapter of Parents Anonymous in South Carolina.

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If you need immediate help,

CALL 9-1-1

24-HOUR CRISIS LINE  1.800.273.1820

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