Sexual Assault List for Nice Guys

  1. Always interrupt any buddy who you see violating — verbally or physically — a woman’s space.
  2. Don’t join in if friends egg you on to participate in paying unwanted sexual attention on a woman at a party, in a bar, or on the street.
  3. Don’t ogle, whistle at, talk to, or look over women in ways that make them feel uncomfortable. If you aren’t sure what makes a woman uncomfortable, ask her.
  4. Never put the blame on a woman who you’ve heard was sexually assaulted by saying things like, “she shouldn’t have gone there / worn that / drank that.” None of these things excuses a crime as heinous as sexual assault.
  5. Never believe that only attractive women get sexually assaulted or imply a man wouldn’t have sexually assaulted a women because “she isn’t pretty. Sexual assault is a crime of aggression, dominance and violence.
  6. When a women says “no,” believe her. Never imagine “no” means “maybe” or “yes.” Abandon the dangerous myth that women just can’t admit they want sex and men have to overcome their hesitation. “No” means “no.” Always.
  7. If a woman says “maybe,” but then decides “no,” take no for an answer. Women have the right to set limits on sexual behavior, just as you do.
  8. If you feel you’re getting a double message, say so. Ask her what she wants. If she says she isn’t sure, assume the answer is no and let it go.
  9. Never think a woman owes a man sex. Sexual intercourse is not payback for an expensive meal or an evening out of town.
  10. Never voice, believe, or support the idea that a woman “wanted it.”If someone you know is a victim, call Pee Dee Coalition’s 24-Hour Crisis Line at 1- 843-669-4600 or 1-800-273-1820.


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If you need immediate help,

CALL 9-1-1

24-HOUR CRISIS LINE  1.800.273.1820

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